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KEYMACRO is a free, portable application that can be used to record keyboard commands. The program records multiple different types of events, including modifier keys and text characters.
Users can also mark command recording sessions using distinct colors, which allow the program to be easily reviewed later.
A nice tool for mouse-based keyboard users
KEYMACRO comes with a large amount of features and can be used to record a wide range of keyboard commands. Different keyboard hotkeys can be added, which allows users to control the program as needed. The range of key combinations recorded can be accessed directly from the GUI, which makes the interface very easy to navigate.
The program supports recording from multiple monitors and has a built-in session editor. Users can also control the color of recorded command recordings and mark them with an icon.
Provides unlimited recording
Users can record as many keyboard commands as they like. The application can be operated from a USB drive, which allows it to be carried from one computer to another.
KEYMACRO has a very intuitive interface and is easy to use. The fact that it is free of charge adds another advantage.
Records the most basic keyboard commands
The program can record the most basic keyboard commands, including modifier keys and characters. Command recordings can be used to create shortcuts, which makes it very easy to control the program.
KEYMACRO is compatible with multiple platforms and devices
The program can be operated on Mac, Linux, Windows and other platforms. The software can also be used with touchscreens and mice.
A nice tool for recording command commands
KEYMACRO is a powerful tool for recording keyboard commands and has the additional advantage of providing the recording within a multimedia application.
This makes it easy to review and share command recordings later.
KEYMACRO has a very intuitive interface and users will find it easy to navigate.
KEYMACRO Description:
KeyMacro is a free cross-platform application that allows users to easily manipulate Text content from any PC to any smartphone. The program runs as an app that can be downloaded from any Android or iOS device.
The interface consists of a list of Text content, which can be expanded and collapsed using the navigation button.
Using KeyMacro, users can edit the Text and can also add, insert and delete Text. Users can even remove individual characters from Text, replacing them with other characters.
KeyMacro allows users to extract and replace individual strings from Text. It also allows users to create custom Text editors that 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a software utility for recording your keyboard keystrokes and mouse clicks and automatically playing back the recorded macro sequence later. You can define macro operations such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, and mouse movements in one or several hotkeys and a macro operation in one or more macro files.
When you run Keymacro, you simply need to record a keystroke or a mouse click, make a selection, start a macro operation, and press the hotkey to record the next operation. The Keymacro software will record the entire process and create a macro file which you can play back with Keymacro. When recording the macro, you can choose to make a screenshot, a high-resolution or a low-resolution copy of the current screen as a snapshot.
Multiple macros and hotkeys can be used for a single macro file. You can record and play back the macro sequence from the command line. A message will be shown when you are recording and will be deleted after the sequence has finished recording. If the recording doesn’t start or stops, Keymacro will show an error message. You can cancel the recording with a hotkey.
The Keymacro software reads the keyboard and mouse settings and stores them in a configuration file in the application folder. The configuration file can be edited with a text editor. The keystrokes, mouse clicks and hotkeys are stored in a format compatible with Microsoft’s Windows® Clipboard.
Keymacro is an easy-to-use keyboard recording software. You can define the recording options in the software to work with different screen sizes and resolutions. The recording can also be done with other applications running on the computer, such as Microsoft® Word® 2007, Microsoft® Office Excel®, Microsoft® Office WordPad®, Microsoft® Office PowerPoint®, or any applications running in the Windows® operating system, such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6 and 7, Microsoft® Edge®, Microsoft® Explorer®, and many others.
Keymacro can also use another application to play back the recorded macro sequence. The recording operations are initiated from within the application. This means that you don’t have to use the mouse to select the recording options or start the recording. The Macros are saved to a file and can be played back with Keymacro. The recording can be also started by a hotkey.
Keymacro has a tool to identify duplicate macros in the file.
Keymacro supports the following mouse movements for recording and playing back the operations:
Right click: