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Elite Quote is a price tag calculator. It allows you to generate prices, and calculate totals for your items. You can make prices print out on a sheet of paper, and export them in various formats.

Once you have a computerized system for quotes, you can organize your business, and improve your profit margins. An electronic quote system, for instance, is a neat option. Get quotes, and calculate prices for items, with little hassle. Do you want to know how to do it? It’s a simple process, that works, and never lets you down.
Getting a computerized system for quotes isn’t difficult, if you consider how many options are there. As such, you can ask yourself, if you want to generate a price tag based on the weight, or if you want to generate a price tag based on the unit price, or the selling price. If you want to calculate totals for each item, or ask them to print a sheet of prices on a computerized system, the software is usually available online.
Generating price tags is one of the most important features of a computerized system. For that reason, you can ask for price tags, based on the weight of the items. Besides, you can ask for their total, or print them out on a sheet of paper. However, the more options you choose, the more you will get.
You may need to keep a list of your stock, so you can generate prices as needed. Moreover, you can choose what you want to get, and how you want to generate them.
Printing out price tags in one go, or generating them one by one are some of the options, available for a system like Elite Quote. Price tags are a vital part of your business, so a quote manager, that generates them for you, will be useful. For instance, you can generate price tags and totals for your products, and print them out in a single go.
A neat feature of such a system is the possibility to generate price tags, based on the quantity, or weight. With a system like Elite Quote, you can generate a price tag for each piece you need, and multiply the total amount by the weight. If you want to check how much each item costs, you can also generate price tags, and calculate the total for them. As such, Elite Quote is a price tag calculator that allows you to generate prices, and calculate totals. 384a16bd22

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The key Macro version of Access. All database tools are accompanied by a powerful, easy-to-use macro to perform tasks automatically that would otherwise require much time to do manually.
Transparently Use keyMacro with any Access database file
No need to create any special Access database projects to make keyMacro work with your existing database file. With the button « Open database », keyMacro will automatically convert your existing database file into a project that uses keyMacro so you can get the most of it.
KeyMacro includes everything you need to fully customize your database
When you start a keyMacro project, you will see a custom interface with tabs at the top that allow you to customize your database to your exact requirements. The tab section includes all the standard database options like forms, reports and other business tools, but also some of the more advanced features like building dynamic reports, changing the database design, performing auditing, and more.
KeyMacro includes all the existing features of Access
A powerful all-in-one database creation tool that includes all the standard Access features. No need to create a database project or find all the individual components on your own. Just click on the « Open database » button and keyMacro will import the existing database and automatically create a project that can be used with the macro.
KeyMacro is easy to learn and easy to use
A very simple design interface, one of the most powerful macro language and one of the easiest ways to design databases and macros that Access has ever offered.
Modular Design Interface with KeyMacro
A modular design interface that lets you choose the components that you need to make your database unique. You can choose between standard database components, user-defined components, forms and reports or even just a custom query.
Work with an unlimited number of databases
keyMacro can automatically convert any Access database into a macro project so you can continue to use it with your existing database file.
Omnibus Components of Access
Components that are common to all Access databases, including forms, reports and database modules.
Transparently Access Forms, Reports and Modules
Works just like the individual components of Access, but includes additional functionality for macro projects.
Automatic Database Project Conversion
Does not require you to create a database project from scratch, makes converting an existing database file into a macro project easy.
Automatic Database Macro Project Generation
Makes creating a new database and macro project from scratch easy, does not require